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Stay in your own reality…

I see a world full of chaos. And opinions are divided on what causes that chaos. Whatever reason you give for it, nothing is what it seems to be.

The true cause is found in you and me as individuals. It is our decision how we think about something and how we feel about it that determines how we respond to it. And the problem is that we often put our precious life energy into reacting to what we see and experience. But instead of reacting to our environment, something else is being asked. You are asked to go into silence, to rest and to discover what your impulses really have to tell you.

Reality is not what you think it is. Every individual has his own perception of things. So has its own reality. And what is happening now: we are too close to each other, we make ourselves an excessive part of other people’s reality and try to change it with all our might. STOP NOW!

Just take responsibility for your own reality before someone else does for you. Detach yourself from all entanglements with the realities of others and please come back home to yourself. Your energy is precious and be careful with it. Stay in your own reality…


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