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You are a man who recognizes himself in this:

  • Self-reliant, ambitious, creative, mission-driven, open-minded, inspired, aware, highly sensitive and spiritual;

This is not for you if you:

  • Are satisfied with the life you lead now;
  • Don’t want to change anything and certainly aren’t interested in personal, spiritual and business growth;
  • Not willing to take 100% responsibility for your own life.

An open space to be yourself

The Mentorship Programs I offer usually consist of individual transformation sessions in which you connect with what is currently important to gain insight into your goals. These can include issues in the field of personal challenges, fears, blockages, suppressed emotions, (high) sensitivity, leadership, self-realization, soul mission and business. The sessions take place in nature or online. Each session is a unique experience, appeals to your intuitive and creative ability and includes a ‘cocktail’ of both scientifically substantiated methodologies and alternative forms of therapy. You can think of:

  • Outdoor Life & Business Coaching
  • Body-oriented therapy (including Breathwork and Healing)
  • Intuitive NLP, Hypnotherapy, Regression and Family Constellations

You will also learn to work independently with the above techniques, so that you can also apply them successfully in your practice. We are all teacher and student at the same time. Thinking you already know everything blocks any kind of development and growth. And realizing that you still have so much to learn opens the door to what more is possible. Opening yourself up and being receptive to other perspectives helps you to step through that gate and really grow as a man, as a coach and as an entrepreneur.


I help you through deep inner processes, fears and blockages, so that you achieve what you really want. Because growth, in any area can never be forced, I never make promises about the speed with which you achieve results. This depends on many factors, such as your willingness to invest time, money and energy in your growth and above all to be open to the confrontational mirrors I offer you.

A constructive collaboration with me requires an investment between 2,000 euros and 10,000 euros. On average, we are on the road for 6-12 months, so that renewed insights are fully anchored and there is room for full implementation. This is your chance to work constructively with an expert in the Law of Attraction, Consciousness, Energy and Business to channel your greatest dreams and desires and turn them into tangible form. In other words: You learn everything about Conscious Creation, so that you create your life experiences from maximum inspiration.

Let’s meetup online over a cup of coffee

You are most welcome for ‘a virtual cup of coffee’ if you feel that I can be of service to you in any way. Virtually or by telephone we connect with each other and investigate whether we are a 100% match.

Direction, route & result:

  • Schedule a free call
  • 30 minutes of focus on your MISSION
  • Clarity on your soul’s purpose
  • Personal advice for your growth

In a spiritual way we explore what is mentioned in our soul contract about cooperation.

We value your privacy and will never send irrelevant information.

You can also reach me on +31613492307. I prefer WhatsApp, since I am regularly coaching in nature.

See you soon,

Sander de Zwart